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Straightening Brush|Cute Girls Hairstyles

Lately, it seems like Straightening Brushes are everywhere!  If you’re like me, I’m sure you’ve wondered, “Do hair straightening brushes really work?” “Does an expensive straightening brushwork better than a less expensive one?” “Does a straightening brushwork better than a flat iron straightener?” So today I tested them!

Testing Straightening Brushes

I bought 2 different brands of straightening brushes at 2 different price points. I bought the Amika “Polished Perfection” Straightening Brush for $129.99 at Sephora, and then I bought the InStyler “Straight Up” Ceramic Straightening Brush for $59.99 at ULTA.

Amika Straightening Brush|Cute Girls Hairstyles


Instyler Straightening Brush| Cute Girls Hairstyles


To begin, I parted my hair in 2 sections down the middle. I took my hair in medium sized sections and brushed from root to tip. For easy comparison, I tested the Amika Straightening Brush on a few sections of hair on the left side of my head and the Instyler Straightening Brush on the right side of my head.


  • The straightening brushes gave me a natural, loose wave look very similar to if I had blow-dried my hair.
  • The regular straightener gave me a sleek, super straight look.

Final Thoughts

The flat iron straightener definitely wins! If I had to rate the Instyler Straightening Brush, I’d give it a 5 out of 10. It straightened my hair but didn’t flatten it. I also didn’t like the cord. If I had to rate the Amika Straightening Brush, I’d give it a 6 out of 10. It did a better job straightening than the Instyler, and I liked the cord better. However, I felt that for double the money, the Amika should have done double the job!

In the end, I give these straightening brushes a “Fab” and “Fail.” Fab because technically both of the straightening brushes did do their job, but I give the fail because I personally wouldn’t recommend them. I’m still all about the flat iron straightener because it gives you a sleek, silky look.

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  1. What flat iron are you using???? Cause wow my sedu doesn’t straighten as well. And thanks for this comparison! I actually somewhat liked the Amika just for the crown of my head and was wondering if the now 45$ in styler would do the same job, very helpful! I found this searching precisely for this comparison. Going to save myself some money ????

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