Mailbag Q & A: Rubber Band Tips

Often I get asked about the types of rubber bands I use. I have three types I use regularly. The first looks like this:

Ouchless Hair Bands

These are the rubber bands I use on my DD’s hair for things like single ponytails. Hairdo’s where most or all of the hair is gathered into one rubber band. My girls have enough hair I need a pretty big band to hold it all.

For two braids, two ponytails, small braids or twists, or hairdo’s with smaller amounts of hair I use these rubber bands…

Ouchless Hair Bands

This is a picture of the bands together so you can see the difference between actual sizes…

Ouchless Hair Bands #1
For tiny things like the slide up braid or some of clover and heart hair do’s I use these tiny clear bands. These are “ouchless”. I find they still pull a little, but WAY less than some bands…

Ouchless Tiny Elastic Bands

This is a picture of the rubber bands I would avoid at all costs. I find these pull a TON and most often need to be cut out of your DD’s hair!

Goody Tiny Elastic Bands

I buy all my rubber bands and elastics at Walmart or Target. I think they cost around $2-$5 each packet.

**NOTE**If your DD freaks when you pull out small elastics, just cut them out. The little clear ones are cheap enough you can just re-buy. It might be worth not having the drama.

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. I’ve found an easier way to get the little clear elastics out of my girls’ hair. I spray them with just a little bit of water or detangler spray and they slide right out. We’ve lost much less hair this way than we did with cutting them out.

  2. What are the circular rings attached to the rubberbands? I see you use them all the time and i was just wondering what they were. Thanks!

  3. sometimes you can find the clear ouchless ones in colors as well. I buy mine for $1 for 100 bands at Dollar Tree. Thats where I get a good number of my hair accessories. They are still cute and really cheap. My SD takes them out a school and they are gone so I hate spending a bunch of money on those things.

  4. HELP! Where have you been able to find the CLEAR ouchless ones? I can’t seem to find them at Wal-Mart, etc., anymore. It appears they’re trying to replace them with the thicker bands. 🙁 Even online they’re becoming scarce & overpriced when you include shipping, from what I’ve found.
    Please help me/us find them! (My 9-mo-old daughter would appreciate it.)
    Thank you.

  5. My mom would use the black rubberbands in my hair and a ton of them. at the end of the day she had o cut them out. It hurt. Don’t use the black ones!

  6. Where can I find the kind that come with the holder for the hairbands? I have looked online and everywhere and still cannot find it. I used to have tons of hairbands but I always lose track of them. I would enjoy it if you could let me know where you get them. Thank You!

  7. Thank you for the advice. I had bought just a random brand for the small elastics and I found that my dd’s hair is beginning to break … going to buy the clear goody ones now and be much more careful from now on. Not worth the money you save!

  8. i just bought those black goody onesa couple days ago they were a 1 at the grocery walmart with 7 daughters i haft to buy the cheapest my oldest daughters are triplets and there 9 (kinley,angelle,skyler)then i have a set of twins they are 7 (madaline and chelsea)then i have cara who is 5 and natalie who is 3

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