Top-10 Tips for Toddlers Sitting Still During Hairstyles

Many of you often ask how it is that my girls seem be so good when we do their hair.

It has to be one of our most-asked questions, especially after five years on this website, and four years on YouTube.

How to get toddlers to sit still for hairstyles

Really, we just stumbled into it.  The simple answer is… I started them out on hairstyles when they were very, very young! Literally, like since they ever had the slightest amount of hair to do.  That has made all the difference!

Baby Hairstyles | Mcknight baby

Dance Hairstyles | Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight

I have, however, used a variety of tricks to help keep them sitting still while doing their hair.

In this video, Sweet Pea’s first entire video debut, we share with you our Top-10 tricks to help keep toddlers sitting still!

  1. Toddler Chair
  2. Shoes & Socks
  3. Favorite Toy or Doll
  4. Water Spray Bottle
  5. Baggie of Hair Bands
  6. Toothbrush & Steripod
  7. Brush, Comb, Elastic Holder
  8. Computer w/Toddler DVD
  9. Smart Phone & Toddler Apps
  10. Finger Snacks

This is not a comprehensive list, so you may have some great ideas as well! Be sure to leave your tips as a comment below!  You can see my explanation for how we use each of these in the video below…


You can find a toothbrush Steripod in the “oral care” isle at your local Walgreens and other stores

Please feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. any tips on how to actually convince them to sit down and let you do their hair. because the don’t let me do their hair much

  2. Oh my goodness! Sweat Pea is such a cutie-puh-tootie! You are soOo very right with starting young…my soon to be three year old DESPISES having her hair even brushed through… I’ve tried it all…distractions…even bribes! It’s starting to finally warm up here in NEPA and she still refuses to calmly allow me to even do a simple braid. I’m thinking about caving in and just cutting it off… but it still won’t fix the hair in her face… any tips?

  3. I refuse to let my child kill time with phone/ipad apps. (helps I don’t have either) I gave my daughter a dry erase marker and a paper towel to color on the mirror, she still loves it.

  4. Its very interesting to read this post. The most important thing I like the top 10 tricks. I think its more tedious job to sit toddlers for some time on a place and I really appreciate you for doing this job.Keep it up and posting too.

  5. Ahh! Your daughters are just gorgeous! I actually don’t come on this website as a mom, because I’m the same age as Brooklyn and Bailey! I watch the videos for things to do on my hair or my sisters hair. I love this site and YouTube channel, and my friends and I come on regularly!
    I also would love to meet Brooklyn and Bailey, they seem really cool! I’m working on making my own youtube channel so…

  6. I totally agree with starting them young. We practice sitting and combing hair after bath as young as a year old. Doesn’t matter that my girls don’t really have enough hair to comb 🙂

  7. I agree that you just have to start when they are tiny. Imagine never putting shoes or socks on their feet and then when they are two, suddenly trying to get them used to shoes and socks. If they have always had something in their hair, they don’t even pay attention to it. Great tips on how to get them to sit still. Another one that I used when my daughter was little. I would do her hair during her bath. The hair was wet and she was distracted by bath toys.

  8. Mindy! This video was uploaded in ure YouTube channel weeks ago.. I guess those who follow and look up to ure vids regularly have already watched it :p BTW, Sweet Pea was doing such funny acts during the vid especially wid the water bottle and steripod.. And the end was kinda cute 🙂

  9. People always asked me the same question and these were my tips as well!!! Almost exactly. It’s so nice to direct them to your video. I always tell moms that just have babies, if you want to be able to do there hair as toddlers, start as soon as they have any of amount of hair to do, those tiny elastics work great. Also I have to say I watch all of your videos and am SO excited to finally see Sweet Pea!! She is adorable!!! As is the rest of your crew. My six years old made me re-watch it so she could see her and we both ooh and aahed. She’s amazing

  10. I used to fill up the sink and let my daughter play polly pockets in the “swimming pool.” Worked great!

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