"In My Bathroom Cupboard" – Glitter Spray

twins dressed as elves
My husband has been suggesting I start an “In My Bathroom Cupboard” series for quite some time. People email in all the time asking about the many different products I use .  This series is designed to answer some of those questions.

I thought I would start with glitter spray. Glitter spray is an item all moms-of-girls should have in their cupboard. It’s very useful for dance competitions, cheer or other activities, school crazy hair days, or even just a little “pop” once in awhile.

My twins had a dance competition this weekend and part of the dance makeup for us is always glitter in the hair. When I took the girls to the competition some of the other moms were ohhhhing and ahhhhing over the glitter look. And BAM!!! I decided to throw glitter spray up as my first post.

Here’s my advice. You can go to Claire’s or another girl accessory store and spend about $5-7 for a small can of glitter spray. But who wants to??

I go to Walmart and buy glitter spray from the craft section (sometimes it’s found up by the party supplies too) for about $3 for a big can. They have silver, gold, or rainbow glitter.  It looks like this, and is non-toxic and washes out easily.  The color of the cap is the color of the spray.

Spray Glitter

Some glitters I have used (before I figured out craft glitter) wouldn’t stick to the hair and would fall out in 2 minutes. Or one question I get a lot is “does it remain sticky in the hair after washing”. The answer is NO! I personally think craft glitter is perfect. It sticks to the hair and stays in, but will wash out with ease too.

Here’s a pict of my daughter with the glitter in. The picts really don’t do it justice since it is much easier to see in person, but look close and you can see it.

Young girl wearing glitter spray
Back view of glitter spray hairstyle

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. I love your hairstyles! your daughters are so adorable and great job cameraman! I would like to see more of the dance moms hairstyles because that is my favorite show! Love you guys

  2. I love all of your hairstyles I am actually sleeping in the headband curl style tonight for the first time!!!!!!!! I hope I did it right!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I bought some of the glitter for 3.50 and i sprayed some on a black peice of paper to see what would happen its awesome! I had it around 6 inches from the prayer barely hit the top nozzel and it COVERED the page!!!!!!!!1 it is soooo cool i will cover myself in it at competition! thanks soo much:)

  4. Thanks I am a competitive dancer and am always looking for glitter! This is going to be in the basket next trip to walmart!!!! 😉 Are you going to post the vids of your daughters dancing? Do all of them dance? I would lllllooooovvvveeeee to see them! Thanks! 🙂

  5. I found glitter spray at Wal-Mart around Halloween. You can stock up then and just keep it in the cabinet. It’s not like it’s going to go bad or anything. I got mine along with some colored and glow-in-the-dark spray for hair for less than $.75 after Halloween. I bought two of each. I do find that the color and the glitter don’t last very long and the glitter gets on everything. But it is very fun.

  6. What are good bands/rubber bands to use? I've tried a few differant kinds I grab at Walmart and none seem to hold very well (my thick, but fine daughter's hair just falls out after about 20 minutes) or some get so tangeled in there that I have to cut them out. Also, any tips on a good comb, or just that "rat-tail" comb?

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