Hairstyle Tips | Zig-Zag Part

I have shown pictures on how to do a zig-zag part before, but some of our younger viewers have asked for a video tutorial so they can see exactly how it is done.

There are many parting styles that I will show in coming months, but aside from a straight part… this is the one I use second most in my hairstyles.

Top view of the Zig Zag Part
I truly apologize for the lighting in the video tutorial! I really am not orange in color! (We are looking to replace the lighting in our bathroom so that we can continue filming on weekday mornings and not only on weekends when the window light is better.)

This tutorial was filmed just after 5:30am, with no outside window light, as that is when we get up to get ready for school. Yes, it is early, but with five children to get ready (4 girl heads of hair), three kids practicing the piano, family breakfast and scripture study… it is the only way to get the kids out the door to the bus stop by 7:10am!

Items Needed: Water spray bottle (it is easier to part the hair when damp or wet), rat-tail comb.

Time Requirement: 2 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. Thanks. This will give my french braids a new twist. I get up every morning for early morning seminary, and your website has helped me so much. Now I don’t just wear a ponytail to school.

  2. I wanted to share an uber easy way to do the zig zag parts- just use the end of the rat-tail comb (or even a pencil tip) and zig zag it through the hair! This is how I do mine, and it literally takes seconds. Plus since it’s so easy, it works well for me since I was born with two left hands apparently 🙂

  3. Thanks for this, needed something different. As for getting up early I am with you there too. Kelcie does not sleep past 5am most mornings. I dont mind though, gets all my jobs done that I need to get done before the boys get up. Would like to be a teen boy though, Jordan gets up at 7 and has eaten, washed and ready to go out the door at 7.30!

  4. Hi Mindy, you’re amazing to get up and get all that done in the morning. And with 4 girls to get ready? Wow…I only have one to worry about. When I think about how my daughter and I rush around in the morning, I think I must be doing something wrong, but I guess we always have our “hair time” together. Keep up the great work. We LOVE your hairstyles!

  5. Thanks for sharing this. I had an idea of how it should work, but wasn’t getting it right. I can’t wait to try this on my daughter’s hair!

  6. Again, thanks for making the video! Totally helps my hair challenged mind when I can see how easy it really is to do these things! Thanks for sharing your talents with us!

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