Hairstyles for Girls: Mailbag Q & A

Here are some recent questions and the answers from your emails and comments:

Q: What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? What have you found to work well?

A: I personally am not too picky about either one. As long as our hair is clean and snarl free–I’m good. I know some people are really picky, but for some reason I haven’t been. So… I use whatever I can buy for cheap or on sale. I am a BIG couponer (always looking for the great deal) and often get my shampoo/conditioner for under $.25 a bottle. So right now I have in my cupboard Pantene, Garnier Nutrisse, Herbal Essences, VO5, and Suave.

Q: My daughter has super fine hair. What do you do or use to help keep the hair in place?

A: My response would be… .think product! If your daughter has fine hair–the only way to keep it in place is to add texture (or a false texture anyway). You do this by adding product. If hairspray doesn’t work try mouse, gel, pomade, or something more drastic like “Got2b” Spiking Styling Gel or Blasting Freeze Spray. I am not kidding, your hair will NOT MOVE!!!


I received this comment in response to this post–but thought it was great advice.

“Hi Mindy! Love your blog and your kiddos are just adorable. One of my daughters has really fine hair. One of the products that I love for her hair is “Fructis Style Bold It! Power Putty”. I put that in after I wet her hair down, and then spray with hairspray when we are all finished. It works great. And I got it for free of course, gotta love those coupons!”

Q: How do you use the 3-barrel curling iron?

A: Imagine using a crimper. You apply the 3 barrel on the hair and press down, then release the hair, move down the hair strand, and re-apply. You do not wrap the hair around like a curling iron. Very simple!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. I have super fine hair that does not hold curl at all.

    My most favorite, yet rather expensive product to use is “Curls Rock’ by Catwalk. I put the gel in my hair while lightly damp and then let air dry. Once dry I can comb my hair and it feels normal, not sticky or firm. Then I put in the curls using curlers or an iron.

    With this product in, my curls will stay for two days. It washes out really good and leaves my hair silky and soft.

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