Q & A #1: Thick Hair and Rubber Bands

Question: My daughter has SUPER thick hair and I have a hard time finding a rubber band that will hold it all and keep it in…any suggestions???

I posed this same question to my dear friend Jenny before answering because her daughters literally have the thickest hair I have ever seen. This was both of our opinions….

Answer: We don’t have a specific brand we use (although Goody is good). I usually buy what I can find at Target or Walmart. HOWEVER, I always stretch and pull on the rubber bands before buying. There really is a difference between brands. Some have very little elasticity while others are super tight. I always buy the tightest ones I can find. Though they are harder to work with initially because they don’t have a lot of stretch, they hold the hair much better. Double up on rubber bands in one hair style to help as well. My poor rubber bands usually break into pieces by the time I am done with them! Hope that helps!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. can you answer some q’s about your kids
    for example:
    how old are they????
    what are there names???
    please let us know!!

  2. there is a really coolkind of hair tie i cant remember the name but they are like squishy and lots of people call them jelly bands you can find them at dollar general or target ect. and they are great for if you play sports or have really thick hair like me! litterally your hair will NOT fall out be carefull when your taking them out if you yank, tug, or pull some hair may fall out so be gentle! other than that they are great and cheap!

  3. I have MAJORLY thick hair, it makes most updo’s impossible so I usually have a ponytail. I agree that the Scunci no slip bands are pretty good for staying put. My hair requires a little more insurance though. 🙂 I always have to use a Scrunchy as well as a ponytail holder to keep it in without falling. When I went to cosmetology school, everyone told me they didn’t know that stores still sold scrunchies!! LOL!! I guess I’m keeping them in business. 🙂
    I would also like a category for super thick hair, if you can come up with any good ones I’ll try them out!!!! 🙂

  4. Hi. THanks for the tip. I have the thickest hair evveeerrrrr. My mom says I have way to mech even to just put it in a bun!!!!! SO…If you have any hairstyles for girls that have majorly thick hair-Start picking up ideas , please!

  5. Scunci makes no slip rubberbands. They are like regular ones, but have a thin layer of silicon so they don’t slip. I use these on my niece whose has majorly thick hair and they work great.

  6. Hello,
    I was wondering if you have some hairdo’s for girls with layered hair. I try everything on my niece but the hair does not always stay. Please if you can, give me some tips on what to do.

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