Straight Bangs | Fringe Hairstyles

As I mentioned earlier, I decided to give my #2 the straight bangs/fringe that she has been wanting. She had side bangs before, so we figured why not!

I do not have much experience at all with bang hairstyles since I, myself, have not had bangs for 16 years. This particular week I had my best friend Jenny from ShowMeCute in town visiting, who is a master at bangs.

Young girl with Straight Bangs

Jenny my daughter’s bangs for me, since I had cut them myself, and then showed me how to style them. Thank heavens she was here to help me out!!! {I apologize in advance that my daughter’s bangs do not look much different before/after because Jenny actually showed me how to do them before we filmed the tutorial.}

What we show you here is how to add some “shape and dimension” to the bangs, by straightening the lower bangs, and then using the straightener to curve the upper bangs. This, in effect, makes the bangs look longer. {Of course, then you can combine the this with many of our other hairstyles!} This is beginning a whole other category for us! Enjoy!

Items Needed: Heat protectant, straightener, brush, comb, hairspray {if desired}

Time Requirement: 2-3 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. I’ve been using this website for years on my own hair (26 yr old), but now I use it on the girl I nanny (8 yr old) everyday! I was shocked to see that your friend, Jenny, was my youth group leader when I was 15 living in MO! So fun…small world!

  2. Hi Mindy! I LOVE your hairstyles! I recently got side bangs, but most of the french braid styles keep them out of my face , so thats good. Im 12 years old and i have started watching videos back in January… I think i have watched EVERY SINGLE VIDEO YOU MADE! I look foward to Sundays, kowing that a new hairtsyle will be uploaded. I am going to a big party this weekend and im doing the dutch braided headband, and curling the rest of my hair, I can’t wait to show off your styles! I hope you never stop making videos! Also , I watched “Foodbay” the other day just to see your twins! They were absolutley amazing, and adorable! Bye! Happy Hairdoing!

  3. I am a big dancer and I have bangs that go to the side. In alot of your TOTALLY CUTE hairstyles, they always pop out. Can you think of some cute ways to get them pulled back so that they will stay? Thanks!

  4. I came across your blog last night because of the hairdo’s and ended up reading your entire adoption story. What a beautiful testimony. We would love to adopt a baby, but my husband is on disability and I returned to school, so it is not yet the time. HE will let us know when it is right. I did the French Twist for one of my girls today and tomorrow she’ll have the waterfall braid. 🙂

  5. Thank YOu, Thank You, Thank YOu! My six year old daughter has bangs because she has an angel kiss (stork bite) right between her eye brows on her forehead, she has had it since birth. The bangs hide it because when you can see it everyone thinks she has fallen down or something. I have done a lot of cute things with her hair but I look forward to more bangs styles!!

  6. I’ve just noticed this, but DD #2 has braces, but DD #1 doesn’t. I have braces too! I love your hairstyles, I come here a lot to do my sisters hair, except it’s a little harder because her hair is thick. One thing that I think would be really cool to do is a french twist. Some people consider it an ‘older’ hairstyle, but I don’t know how old your daughters are.

    PS Tell DD #2 that I love her bangs!

  7. I love the Biolage and Scruples heat protectors. I have a childrens party boutique where we do a lot of up-do’s with hot curling irons and both of these products are amazing as well as they help the hair set correctly and protect from the heat.

  8. Love the bangs, mine keeps asking for bangs. she cut a small piece of hair so she has just a little bit. this helps me rethink my opinion on bangs. still not decided. she dances so we have to do her hair up alot and dont want to have to worry about them. But I love hers. way to go on braving a new look.

  9. Heat protectant is something we struggle with. Have you tried many different ones? What is the best? Do you think it varies based on hair type?

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