March 24, 2013

Pancake Lace Braid | Easy Hairstyles

My husband and I were on vacation a month ago, and while we were gone, Brooklyn and Bailey decided to take a photo of a hairstyle they made on their own.

They uploaded the photo to their Instagram and the photo was quickly picked up by one of the top braid curators on Instagram!  It had over 25,000 likes in just over an hour!

I was SOOOO proud of the girls! The photo below, which also appears in the video thumbnail is right off of their Instagram!

Pancake Lace Braid | Long Hairstyles

When I arrived home, I asked them if they wanted to film a tutorial for it and they said YES!!!

This is a simple Lace Braid, with the braid itself pancaked and an added cream bow as an accent.

Pancake Lace Braid | Cute Hairstyles Pancake Lace Braid | Easy Hairstyles Pancake Lace Braid | Braided Hairstyles Pancake Lace Braid | Easy Hairstyles Pancake Lace Braid | Easy Hairstyles

This video shows that even younger girls can create this beautiful braid!  {It certainly helps when girls see other young girls making these braids}

BTW… click Kid History #10 episode to see the funny video my girls referenced in their video! We know these guys personally and are hoping that they will continue making amazingly funny, parent-approved videos for our children! Please go and support BoredShortsTV!


Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, 1 small hair elastic, hairspray and bow accessory {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 2-3 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin by brushing or curling hair…
  2. Then, add a side part…
  3. Now, pick up a front section of hair on the small side of the part… then divide that section into three smaller strands to begin the braid. {This is a lace braid, so you will only be adding hair to the top side of the braid.  DO NOT add hair to the bottom of the braid!}
  4. As you braid, make sure you carry the braid on a diagonal direction so that the braid will cross the back of the head…
  5. As your braid reaches the other side of your head, rather than braiding down the rest of the section in a regular braid, simply secure it with a hair elastic…
  6. To add additionally accent to the braid, gently tug on the “elbows” of the braid in order to pancake it.  This flattens the braid, and helps make it appear bigger at the same time.
  7. Add hairspray, if desired, and any accessory to the end of the braid.

Please feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think! If you enjoyed this hairstyle, please feel free to share it!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  • Vanessa Lucatero

    OMG I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the hairstyles u do their so pretty I’m into this hair stuff to so I’m always looking @ ur guy’s vids I practice them on my mom (btw I’m 15yrs old)because when I try o do them on my own I just simply can’t I think the only hairstyle I can make is a bun on my own self Lol but yea so I just wanted to know if u give me some advice or something for doing these beautiful hairstyles u do please and thanks a lot P.s ur daughters Brooklyn and baiely are sooo freaken pretty love their eyes (no homo)-nessa 😉

  • Awesome love it! 🙂

  • Kaylee

    I LOVE this hairstyle!! It is SO CUTE!!! I love all of your bows too!! <3

  • Kaylee

    Your daughters are so pretty!! I’m 11 and I have a twin sister too! We are both not girly, so we didn’t do our hair, but I showed her this website that I found and we’re both hooked! We love doing our hair now! We both do it all the time now!! Thanks!! 😀

    • Brooke

      I’m her twin sister she mentioned, and I NEVER do my hair…I just stick it in a pony-tail and put a white wrap-around headband on. That’s it.

  • Lauren Comrie

    I really like this!! Its really easy and simple and looks amazing xxx

  • Sandy

    Hi what is the name of the introduction song just want to know thank you 🙂

    • mrshairdo

      It is “Icing” by Charity Vance… we just uplaoded a video today after she spent the weekend with us! Our girls had a blast getting to know her!

  • Mummy

    Cute I love you guys so much my daughters love you too and the hairstyles we live in Australia and love you accents.

  • Mary

    Cute hairstyle! Just tried it on my daughter! We are big fans!

  • Citlali

    I really love ALL your hairstyles!!!!! especially the braids!!! Just awesome!!! <3333

  • Laura

    I really like this but i just can’t do it on my own hair. any tips?

  • iheartgalaxy

    Omg u r totes amaze!!!!!! Could u maybe try the French dovetail braid on one of ur next videos! Thanks that’s would be fantabulous
    P.s Bailey and Brooklyn are too cute!!! I am definitely watching their next videos!! B-)

  • So cute

  • Emily

    This is amazing loving it !!!

  • Luca

    Hi everyone, i’m from the netherlands, so i’m not so good at english! 🙂 i love your website and hairstyles! Every sunday i look the video and try those hairstyle on myself. I also have tryed this pancaked lace braid. This braid looks very easy, but when i try it on myself i can’t braid it on the back of my head, do you maybe have any trics or tips? I also watch the videos of bailey and brooklyn i think they are so sweet and nice!!
    Xx luca

  • I love this video. can you please post a video for nails, something nice and easy. In the color royal blue and pink. Thanks 🙂

  • I

    That is just to cute! It is so simple but looks way harder in some of the pictures!:-D

  • Vir

    I’d like to know how you did the hair of the daughter wearing a blue shirt. I WANT TO WEAR IT EVERYDAY!

  • Arusha

    Hiii!! >3 I’am a mauritian and i love this hairstyle but the problem is that i have my hair cut in layers which are not too long… :'( I’ve never had the idea of a “good” hairstyle,so if it would be possible for you to make a suggestion like this,it would be great.Anyways,i have been watching your videos,since always.Thx for ur vids ^^

  • Livia

    I love the braid Bailey has in this tutorial can you do a tutorial on the headband braid she has on? Thanks:)

  • Alicia

    Do Brooklyn and Bailey have a website, because my laptop blocked YouTube and I’m on your website. Anyway I loved the video and I can’t wait for more!

    • Brooke

      Mine blocks Youtube too. I wish they’d post some videos NOT from you tube, Thanks

  • Rose

    i LOVE this website! this hairstyle is sooo cute i will definitely be trying this:))

  • Kimberly

    Bailey did an fantastic job i hope you do more where she does the hairstyle and not Mindy THANK YOU:D

  • Lovelyn

    Where’s your pet? I would like to see him in your next tutorial!!

  • Great pictures, that is a great look

  • Abbie

    Beautiful braid! Mindy, could you please email me so I could have your email address? I would love to send you pictures of hairdos I’ve done on my sister. Thanks!

    • Cammie

      Me as well, I keep thinking when I do my hair in the morning,”I should send this to Mindy!” you guys seriously have helped me so much since I discovered your videos. I have really thick hair so a lot of hairstyles don’t work on me, but almost all of the ones you guys have shown me have worked! thank you so much!

  • Allie

    Lovely hairstyle. Why not do a tutorial on a French braid but it’s a fishtail French braid?

  • What a cute hair style! I must say, I am mighty impressed that you KNOW the kid history people personally. My family loves them and we quote them all the time. How funny. I love the bow accent on this one. In fact, I have a little hair bow shop on etsy. I try to keep the prices reasonable and the bows cute! Check it out…

  • Kat

    Hey Mindy,
    Is NUME a reputable company for hot iron tools? I know you have mentioned it before in some of your tutorials… Are their products worth the money?Thank you!

    • mrshairdo

      Hi Kat! I have been using the NuMe tools for two years now, after my best friend lent me hers to try. As far as the cost, always wait for a coupon code like the one we provided to you. Personally, I never pay full price for any of my tools because if I wait a little, I can always find a good coupon code.

      • jessie

        do you think they would work on hair that only curls with curlers? the nume

  • Laura

    Great style! looks easy to it do on myself, i’m really excited to try it out! thanks and you guys did a great job!

  • Brooklin

    This braid is so cute! I love how the lace braid is pancaked! Love it! Also, I watched the first Brooklyn and Bailey and I’m super excited to see more videos! ( and kid history is awesome) Thank you!

  • aricela