March 23, 2009

Mailbag Q & A: Rubber Band Tips

Often I get asked about the types of rubber bands I use. I have three types I use regularly. The first looks like this:

Ouchless Hair Bands

These are the rubber bands I use on my DD’s hair for things like single ponytails. Hairdo’s where most or all of the hair is gathered into one rubber band. My girls have enough hair I need a pretty big band to hold it all.

For two braids, two ponytails, small braids or twists, or hairdo’s with smaller amounts of hair I use these rubber bands…

Ouchless Hair Bands

This is a picture of the bands together so you can see the difference between actual sizes…

Ouchless Hair Bands #1
For tiny things like the slide up braid or some of clover and heart hair do’s I use these tiny clear bands. These are “ouchless”. I find they still pull a little, but WAY less than some bands…

Ouchless Tiny Elastic Bands

This is a picture of the rubber bands I would avoid at all costs. I find these pull a TON and most often need to be cut out of your DD’s hair!

Goody Tiny Elastic Bands

I buy all my rubber bands and elastics at Walmart or Target. I think they cost around $2-$5 each packet.

**NOTE**If your DD freaks when you pull out small elastics, just cut them out. The little clear ones are cheap enough you can just re-buy. It might be worth not having the drama.

Happy Hairdoing!

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  • Tnx for the advice

  • Amy

    I’ve found an easier way to get the little clear elastics out of my girls’ hair. I spray them with just a little bit of water or detangler spray and they slide right out. We’ve lost much less hair this way than we did with cutting them out.

  • Logan

    What are the circular rings attached to the rubberbands? I see you use them all the time and i was just wondering what they were. Thanks!

  • Casey

    sometimes you can find the clear ouchless ones in colors as well. I buy mine for $1 for 100 bands at Dollar Tree. Thats where I get a good number of my hair accessories. They are still cute and really cheap. My SD takes them out a school and they are gone so I hate spending a bunch of money on those things.

  • Rebecca (31)

    HELP! Where have you been able to find the CLEAR ouchless ones? I can’t seem to find them at Wal-Mart, etc., anymore. It appears they’re trying to replace them with the thicker bands. 🙁 Even online they’re becoming scarce & overpriced when you include shipping, from what I’ve found.
    Please help me/us find them! (My 9-mo-old daughter would appreciate it.)
    Thank you.

  • Nicole

    My mom would use the black rubberbands in my hair and a ton of them. at the end of the day she had o cut them out. It hurt. Don’t use the black ones!

  • Cassie

    Where can I find the kind that come with the holder for the hairbands? I have looked online and everywhere and still cannot find it. I used to have tons of hairbands but I always lose track of them. I would enjoy it if you could let me know where you get them. Thank You!

  • Tara

    Thank you for the advice. I had bought just a random brand for the small elastics and I found that my dd’s hair is beginning to break … going to buy the clear goody ones now and be much more careful from now on. Not worth the money you save!

  • caitlinatchison

    i just bought those black goody onesa couple days ago they were a 1 at the grocery walmart with 7 daughters i haft to buy the cheapest my oldest daughters are triplets and there 9 (kinley,angelle,skyler)then i have a set of twins they are 7 (madaline and chelsea)then i have cara who is 5 and natalie who is 3