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I don’t even know where to begin….

Since writing the Adoption 101 post, I have received many comments. I am glad that so many people are passionate about adoption! I am also glad that everyone has been very kind in their comments to me, even if they didn’t necessarily agree with my viewpoints. However, I do feel like I need to clarify two things regarding that post.

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1- I really agonized over writing that post. I actually spent several weeks writing, editing, and re-writing it trying to make it perfect. I wanted it to be true to our experience, but not hurtful to others reading it in any way. I knew that the large majority of my readers would probably be familiar with “Agency A”, and that even by choosing to use H2H I was going against the “norm” in my area. I want you, my readers, to know that if I did manage to offend you, I am truly sorry. That was never my intention. Agency A is a good agency. They are doing good things and matching good families to sweet babies.

2- My intention was only this. To get out information. I am sure most of my readers could find someone (either themselves or someone close to them) that could supply them with lots of info about Agency A. That agency is just the most frequently used agency in my religion and my area. So people are very familiar with them. But how many of you could have told me info about private agencies in general? About H2H? Probably not very many. My intention was simply to get the information out there for anyone to use. To give people a second postitive option to think about. I think it is really important to me because:

  • I know that there are literally 1000’s of good families sitting on Agency A’s wait list. Families wishing, praying, and hoping for a baby. I know that waiting is agonizing and heartbreaking. I know cuz I’ve been there.
  • I also know that private agencies in general usually have too many babies and not enough good families. Just the other day I was talking to a private agency (not H2H) and they mentioned they had to turn away birth mom’s this winter because they couldn’t get the adoptive families. In talking with H2H earlier this week they mentioned they had FIVE birth mom’s come in just this week.

So I guess my intention and goal in posting Adoption 101 was just a hope that we could connect the two! I don’t personally mind if you use Agency A, B, C, D, E, or F! As long as babies are finding good homes, and families are finding the babies they desperately want. We all ultimately have the same goal in mind!

So again, I’m sorry if Adoption 101 “ruffled any feathers”, but please take it the way it was intended. Simply as information.

Monday I’m back to hair!

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