Adoption: It's a Match!

This has nothing to do with hair, but I got such a big response when I posted pictures of our adopted son that I thought I would add this as well.

My husband and I opted to use a private adoption agency. We had tried to use a church agency, but found them slow to work with, and quite frustrating. We had a friend that used a private agency and got a baby in six weeks. Then the agency contacted her and told her that they had more babies than adoptive families and were in need of families. So we had our paperwork moved over. Ten days later we were called with a birth mom that wanted to meet us, and nine days later our son was born. It was so fast, amazing, and exciting! We loved our experience, our agency… everything!

Since our agency always has babies (they have placed 85 this year to date) and fewer families, I decided to post about one of their available situations last month on my personal blog. I got a huge response and today I learned that a friend who read my blog, told a friend, who told a friend, and they matched with this particular birth mom! I was so pleased. I truly believe that the right babies find their way to the right homes. I am just pleased to have been a helper in that process.

So I have decided to post periodically about situations on this blog as well. That way we can find more babies homes. This one is a very interesting and special case.

African-American Twins: Boy and Girl

Born November 15, 2008 in Utah.

Premature- 25 weeks, Weight about 1 and 1/2 lbs each. Good Apgars. In Newborn Intensive Care Unit and will be for several months. Doing fairly well right now. On and off ventilator. They still have a long way to go.

Family needs to be from Utah or be willing to be in Utah for months.

Fees are $20,000 with consideration for the outcome of children.

If you know anyone who may be interested…you can email me from this blog or leave a comment. Or you can click here and go directly to Heart to Heart’s website. You DO NOT have to live in Utah to use Heart to Heart. When we were in the hospital getting our son there were two out of state families getting babies too! They have five other situations right now too if you aren’t interested in this one. Check them out!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. I know what your going through because I have many bothers and sisters but I have 7 including me I have a half brother named Austin and a half brother named tanner and another half brother named Jayden and another brother but he is my step brother and I have a sister named Auburny AND GUESS WHAT I HAVE A TWIN TOO named ashlyn and my name is autumn. Me and my twin ashlyn are like your twins but we are 12 and I think your twins are 14 but im not sure because I forgot. Im like bailey and my twin is like Brooklyn and my twin likes sports and I like fashion and nails and hair but we both are good and both but my twin is better at sports more at soccer but im great at teather ball and I can do nails good because I can do zebra strips in nails. I sure would love to meet you guys some day. I live in Clinton, Oklahoma and you live in Texas I believe. I would be even happier if you talk about me in your next video tomorrow on Wednesday. -autumn breitling

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