I See Differently | Our Adoption Story: Part 7

Sept 12, 2008
I was thinking today that I should update on the adoption now that we have had a few weeks to adjust and recoup. I only hope that I can do the experience justice.

Every baby is a miracle. But when it takes a series of miracles for your baby to find your home, it feels like a rare and precious gift. Our son is exactly that. We have so enjoyed him!

Infant baby boy sleeping on a blue blanket

Adoption is such an amazing special experience! I simply cannot explain it. To realize that another mother is willing to give you her baby is quite humbling. There is an added responsibility to love this baby not only for yourself, but for his birth mom as well. Our family has been so blessed to have experienced this adoption. To experience firsthand the fact that you can love someone that isn’t biologically yours as much as any of your biological children… maybe in some ways even more because it required extra miracles to get him to us!

Infant baby boy in a BYU shirt

Heavenly Father knew well what he was doing when we experienced secondary infertility, and guided us instead to turn towards adoption. We just KNOW that this little guy is ours!!! We know that we agreed before this life to find each other. Our family wouldn’t have been complete without him in it, and we thank Heavenly Father every day for blessing us in this way!

Added to that, having a transracial family has been a new and welcome adventure for us. I am trying to do all the little things his birth mom told me, in how to care for his hair and skin, etc. It has added a completely new dimension to our family. I can’t help but think of the scripture excerpt “…become like a little child” when I watch my girls hold him and love on him. They finally have their baby brother.

McKnight family kid photo - 6 siblings smiling and posing for a picture together
Young sister with her infant baby brother sleeping on her chest

I promise to teach my son about famous blacks in history, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, Malcom X, etc, and especially the power of Martin Luther King Jr. and his brilliant leadership. I love that he is born in a country where Obama is president today, something he can aspire to one day if he so chooses, and that he’ll see other prominent blacks achieving amazing things in government, business, religion, sports, families, etc. There will be more than just Black History Month in our home, as we will talk about these things every day. I have watched as our extended families have adapted and opened their hearts as well. They love him, too.

Infant baby boy in a bubble bath

More than anything else, I just feel like the whole experience has made me a better person. There have been so many eye-opening moments and learning experiences that simply make me more well-rounded in the long run. I have more empathy for people that are infertile. More empathy and understanding for people who are waiting in the adoption process. More empathy for brave women who are willing to give up their sweet little babies. More empathy and love for all cultures and races. I feel like I have become a more Christ-like person… because of our little man!

We are sooooo grateful for his sweet little personality in our home. He is cuter, snugglier, and more adorable than we even could have ever hoped for! Adoption is truly amazing!

Sept 15, 2008

Infant baby boy sleeping in car seat

Today I was trying to think of the perfect word to describe how I feel about our little man. I was thinking maybe Enraptured. But when I posed the same question to my hubby, his response was Enamored. I actually found this to be really funny since both words ended up being synonyms (we looked them up).

Enraptured: To fill with rapture or delight. To have a powerful, agreeable, and often overwhelming emotional effect on someone.

Enamored: To inspire with love; captivate. To cause to feel a strong or excessive interest or fascination.

Other synonyms: enchanted, delighted, charmed, fascinated, absorbed, entranced, captivated, transported, enthralled, bewitched, ravished, or spellbound.

Either way you want to state it–we sure love our little man!

Nov 17, 2008

I don’t know how, but our son manages to just keep getting cuter and cuter all the time! He is really quite adorable. He is also sitting up now… all by himself at just under 4mos! SLOW DOWN LITTLE DUDE!!

Infant baby boy sitting on a blanket

My hubby keeps sitting him up and I keep saying, “Lay him back down!”  I keep thinking of my friend’s saying “Babies don’t keep.”

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  1. Thank you for sharing your adoption story. I didn’t know all these kids were yours. The oldest three look just like you so I knew they had to be yours but the youngest three I did not know were yours.
    Your family is beautiful and your story is so inspiring.
    Thank you. God bless you and your family.

    p.s. I just adore the picture of one of the twins lying on the floor with a sleeping brother in her arms – it’s one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen.

  2. Even though the birthmom signed all the legal papers at the hospital giving rights to you, does that totally make it official? I mean, does she still have a certain amount of time to change her mind & take him back? I’d be soooo scared of that happening, & would be so stressed during that time if that’s the case. I’m sure it’s not as likely to happen once she signs the papers, but if it’s even a possibility, I’d be so nervous of that happening.

    1. Once she signs her rights over, she has no legal ties to the child. However, the states have wait periods for adoption finalization that last around 6 months post-placement. Although the mom has no rights, the state has them until adoption finalization {after the wait period, and in-home visit certifications} with you as the guardian. Does that make sense? It is a stressful time, alway worried that something can go wrong… but then again, having the child in your life is one of the biggest blessings one could ever receive. I wouldn’t change a thing! xoxo

  3. I’m 14 years old and I love your videos so today I clicked on a link below to read this story. Everyone’s adoption journey is amazing and I have read lots. Its also very interesting to read about domestic adoption as my family has only ever adopted internationally. Adoption really is so difficult but it pays off better than people can imagine. And big families are great! We have six kids in my family and are now in the process of adopting three more, two with special needs. We also have adopted a sick boy from Eastern Europe who is now in heaven. Congratulations on your adoption and thank you for the great hair videos!

    1. That is awesome for your family! Best of wishes for you all with the new adoptions… we will be praying for you!

  4. I totally just bawled through your story. How beautiful.

    Thank you for your hairdos! I am not very good and I have 5 daughters, ages 6 and under. Thanks to you, I may be good at it yet!

    You’re a beautiful family.

  5. i just wanted to say hi,and tell u how much are ur hair do’s r awesome ,and u have a cute girls +boy:D ,and they have a lovely pareints ,i wish that i had a youtube accaount so i’d give u guys thumps up,subscrieb ,and comment,say hi to evrey one:)
    p.s :keep going with the great videos.
    manal abdulla al-qahtani
    from:the kingdom of saudi arabia ,dammam

  6. God bless you and your loving family. I was truly touched by your story and and realize that everything happens for a reason. God has wonderful ways for teaching us. MY GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!

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