September 12, 2008

Our Adoption Story: Part 7

Sept 12, 2008
I was thinking today that I should update on the adoption now that we have had a few weeks to adjust and recoup. I only hope that I can do the experience justice.

Every baby is a miracle. But when it takes a series of miracles for your baby to find your home, it feels like a rare and precious gift. Our son is exactly that. We have so enjoyed him! I heard someone once say that “Babies should be dipped in chocolate and sold at Easter time.  I would completely agree! I find it especially fitting since our little guy already looks like he is dipped in chocolate! LOL… we could just eat him up!

Adoption is such an amazing special experience! I simply cannot explain it. To realize that another mother is willing to give you her baby is quite humbling. There is an added responsibility to love this baby not only for yourself, but for his birth mom as well. Our family has been so blessed to have experienced this adoption. To experience firsthand the fact that you can love someone that isn’t biologically yours as much as any of your biological children… maybe in some ways even more because it required extra miracles to get him to us!

Heavenly Father knew well what he was doing when we experienced secondary infertility, and guided us instead to turn towards adoption. We just KNOW that the little guy is ours!!! We know that we agreed before this life to find each other. Our family wouldn’t have been complete without him in it, and we thank Heavenly Father every day for blessing us in this way!

Added to that, having a transracial family has been a new and exciting adventure. It has added a completely new dimension to our family. I can’t help but think of the scripture excerpt “…become like a little child” when I watch my girls hold him and love on him. Color made no difference to them right from the beginning… they never even noticed that he was different. He was simply their baby brother.

It has been fun noticing more specifics about African Americans and their unique features, learning more about famous blacks in history, realizing that we can celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. and Black History Month in a completely new way, pondering Obama as president in a whole new light, or even having more African Americans than ever before start conversations with us. These statements may seem semi-prejudice, but they really aren’t. I am simply surprised at all the things I am seeing differently now that I have a black son. I have watched as our extended families have adapted and opened their hearts as well.

More than anything else, I just feel like the whole experience has made me a better person. There have been so many eye-opening moments and learning experiences that simply make me more well-rounded in the long run. I have more empathy for people that are infertile. More empathy and understanding for people who are waiting in the adoption process. More empathy for brave women who are willing to give up their sweet little babies. More empathy for other cultures and races. I feel like I have become a more Christ-like person… because of our little man!

We are sooooo grateful for his sweet little personality in our home. He is cuter, snugglier, and more adorable than we even could have ever hoped for! Adoption is truly amazing!

Sept 15, 2008

Today I was trying to think of the perfect word to describe how I feel about our little man. I was thinking maybe Enraptured. But when I posed the same question to my hubby, his response was Enamored. I actually found this to be really funny since both words ended up being synonyms (we looked them up).

Enraptured: To fill with rapture or delight. To have a powerful, agreeable, and often overwhelming emotional effect on someone.

Enamored: To inspire with love; captivate. To cause to feel a strong or excessive interest or fascination.

Other synonyms: enchanted, delighted, charmed, fascinated, absorbed, entranced, captivated, transported, enthralled, bewitched, ravished, or spellbound.

Either way you want to state it–we sure love our little man!

Sept. 25, 2008

Some of you may have already heard this, but I’m posting it now so I won’t forget it. A few weeks ago my MIL was in town visiting. She asked one of our twins how she liked having a new baby brother. My daughter replied with, “He is perfect. He is just the way I like my steak.” We were all standing with confused looks on our faces until she added, “Yeah, dark on the outside… and pink in the middle.” We all cracked up!!! My hubby even shared this over the pulpit at church and it got an irreverant roaring laugh!

Nov 17, 2008

I don’t know how, but our son manages to just keep getting cuter and cuter all the time! He is really quite adorable. He is also sitting up now… all by himself at just under 4mos! SLOW DOWN LITTLE DUDE!!

My hubby keeps sitting him up and I keep saying, “Lay him back down!”  I keep thinking of my friend’s saying “Babies don’t keep.”

Here’s a few of my latest favorites.

This has to be one of my all-time fav’s. He’s seriously adorable!!!

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