February 07, 2009

Our Adoption Story: Part 9

Feb. 7, 2009

The sealing was absolutely fabulous! At the temple they treated my hubby and I as if we were getting married all over again! Literally! We had our own little temple worker with us that took us everywhere, I changed in the bridal room, the temple workers helped me get dressed (which was sort of funny since they were helping all the other girls with their big wedding gowns and I just had a very comfortable skirt and shirt), they let us spend time in the celestial room before entering the sealing room, etc. It was just fun because I was able to remember little things about our wedding day that I was too anxious to enjoy on our wedding day!

Having all our friends and family waiting for us in the sealing room was awesome! We only missed those that couldn’t be with us! The sealer was great. He inadvertently told a story about the best adoption he had every seen where the boy was a black child and the family was white (he had no idea this was our situation). He went on to call the child, “so black my wife called him licorice“. Everyone was chuckling to themselves as he clearly did not know of our situation. You can only imagine his face when in walks the temple worker with our little chocolate “D” in her arms! His jaw just dropped in embarrasment!

He provided his counsel, more than he had likely intended, waiting for the kids to come up the stairs. But about 5 minutes into his 15 minute counsel, we could hear the kids out in the hall. The sealer must have been a little deaf, because he could not hear the kids.  Little “D” just kept squawking and babbling out there! He was making so much cheerful noise! He was like a spring bird… chirping in the temple hallway! Everyone was having a hard time not laughing. Finally the kids came in… and they all looked like little angels all dressed in their white clothes! They were, of course, starry eyed as they entered.

The ceremony was short and sweet, pronouncing all the sealing blessings on our sweet little “D” as he became eternally ours! It was emotional, yet oh so beautiful!  Little “D” didn’t move the… entire… time… and had his huge baby browns just staring up at the sealer. I think he literally listened to every word (which had us both bawling)! He seemed to know what was going on, almost like he had been anticipating this moment!

After the ceremony, everyone congratulated us and we had the chance to spend a few minutes with the kids as a complete family in the sealing room… gazing into the reflecting mirrors, representing eternity. It was very emotional and such a unique experience this early in our children’s lives! Truly memorable.

Afterwards, we took pictures in our whites outside with the kids, since the weather cooperated, and it was a beautiful warm day for February.

We also ate lunch with many of our family and friends at the Lion House. It was truly a glorious day ranking in my top two (only behind our wedding day)! Life is wonderful!

May 11, 2010

Since I know this is going to become “public” to everyone on my hair blog soon, I thought I would just add one final update. Little D is now almost two years old! How times flies! I’ve just re-read all these post entries and it just feels jst like yesterday that I experienced them. It is really incredible!

I simply need to state emphatically for everyone that this boy is my little man! He is the sweetest, charming, (a little rowdy), little guy and we love him dearly. I can’t, nor do I want to, imagine my life without him in it. I’m so grateful his personality in our home.
(a year ago)


I was reading another favorite blogger of mine the other day and she was talking about moments when “Your spirit taps your heart” to remind you of the joys of life. I had one of those moments this week. To explain, you must understand that when we go to church my husband does not sit with us in our pew. He is a member of the Bishopric in our congregation and this means he sits up on the stand with two other men, all three presiding over the church meetings. I know this may be confusing to people not of my faith, but ask you to just bear with me.  So I sit by myself in a pew with all five kids. The four girls are pretty good, but The Dude is at that really awful age where he is just too restless to sit still. Instead he wants to run up and down the aisles, screams, kicks, and just generally has a fit if I try to keep him still for too long. On days like that, when I get frustrated by him I often point out his daddy to him and send him up to sit with my hubby for a few minutes on the stand.

So last Sunday my little man ran up, climbed up in his daddy’s lap, and promptly turned around to look at the congregation.  He quickly scanned for me, found me, and gave me this look as though he had gotten away with something naughty! But when he could tell I was looking at him also, he threw his arm up in the air, waved his hand emphatically, yelling (loudly) “Momma, Momma, Momma!” When I and most of the people sitting near us started to giggle, he waved even harder! It was seriously one of those moments when “Your spirit taps your heart.”  This… is our son!

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