3 Ways to Wear a Celtic Knot | St Patrick’s Day Hairstyles

March 09, 2014

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to upload a tutorial to celebrate our family’s Irish/Scottish heritage {yes, from both sides of the family}. This is a hairstyle that I have wanted to film for a long time… the Celtic Knot.

How to Create a Celtic Knot | Cute Hairstyles

The Celtic Knot has been around for centuries, and the style was traditionally used to adorn religious sculptures and various kinds of artwork. You have likely seen several versions of this knot in hairstyle form on Pinterest, as well as a few YouTube tutorials.

Today, Brooklyn and I wanted to create fun variations of this knot using curls as the base. {Brooklyn just used her NuMe curling wand to achieve the curls}.

Celtic Knot |St Patrick's Day Hairstyles

Single Celtic Knot Hairstyle

Double Celtic Knot |St Patrick's Day Hairstyles

Double Celtic Knot Hairstyle

Celtic Knot |St Patrick's Day Hairstyles

Side Celtic Knot Hairstyle

Tag your own photos of this hairstyle with: #CGHCelticKnots

For today’s tutorial, we want to show you how to create three versions of a Celtic Knot. The Single Celtic Knot, a Double Celtic Knot, and a Side Celtic Knot. {Believe it or not, the side version is my favorite! I really love subtle accents!}

Now, because this is a winding-loop knot, using only two strands, it can be very confusing to learn how to tie. Normally I would show you once how to create it, but I actually show you how to do this three times in the video below. As confusing as the knot may be at first, it does get easier and this really is a fun and beautiful knot to tie!

Side Celtic Knot Hairstyle Celtic Knot Hairstyle

I also show you a helpful tip, using a flat iron, which is useful in helping the knot to keep its shape and its tassels laying flat.


Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, pomade, and hairspray {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 2-3 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Celtic Knot |St Patrick's Day Hairstyles

For the Single Celtic Knot~

  1. Begin by grabbing one section of hair from each side of the head right by the ear. These will be used in a tieback, for your knot, so you want these to be medium-to-small sized sections about the thickness of a pencil or smaller…
  2. Add some water, dry wax, or pomade to the hair strands to prevent fly-aways and frizz as you work with the for the knot…
  3. Take the left strand near the center of the back of the head and make a loop forming upward {hold this loop with the thumb and forefinger of the left hand}…
  4. Now take the right strand and place it between your third and four finger of the left hand…
  5. Next, take the end of that strand up and over your left hand so it lays on the top of your forefinger near the knuckle…
  6. Now take your pointer finger and middle finger and slide them behind the left strand between your ear and the loop…
  7. Grab the end of the right strand and pull it up through {the right strand should now go under the left strand and be in an upward position on the head}…
  8. Taking the same right strand ends, bring them over the top of the loop where your fingers are pinched together…
  9. Push the end through the loop going towards the head…
  10. Now take the ends under the right main strand {where it comes in a straight line from the ear}.
  11. Take the same ends back through the loop, this time going away from the head…
  12. Now release all your fingers and tighten up the knot a little to hold itself.
  13. Gently, shape the knot to your liking.
  14. Next, take a flat iron and carefully clamp the knot to help the knot and strands lay flat…
  15. Add hairspray {as desired}.

Double Celtic Knot

For the Double Celtic Knot~

  1. After completing the first knot, simply grab one more section of hair on each side of the head and repeat the same Steps #1-15 directly below the first knot.
  2. Add hairspray {as desired}.

Celtic Knot |St Patrick's Day Hairstyles

For the Side Celtic Knot~

  1. Part the hair on one side.
  2. On the smaller-parted side, grab two small sections of hair and repeat Steps #1-15 above to create a Celtic knot accent.
  3. Add hairspray {as desired}.

Please feel free to leave me a comment below letting us know what you think of these Celtic Knot hairstyles! As always, if you loved the tutorial, please feel free to share it!

Happy Hairstyling!

Also in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, my twins BrooklyAndBailey, decided to share with you their favorite Mint Chocolate Cookie recipe using only four ingredients. You are going to LOVE this one! Simply click below to see the recipe…

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Messy Glow Bun | 4th of July Hairstyles

July 04, 2011

We decided to get really creative with this 4th of July hairstyle! This can be done for any national celebration (July 4th, Canada Day, Australia Day, or for New Year’s Eve, etc.)

About six months ago I was surfing around the internet for fun hair accessories when I stumbled upon a really fun site. It is where I learned about Glowby’s! {Be sure to use coupon code CUTEGIRL10 to receive 10% off of all orders!}

I loved the fiber-optic concept and that you do not have to have a stack of AA batteries stuck in your hair for the lights to work. They do not get hot, and the strands can pretty much work with any style (without breaking). I decided to buy some Glowby’s and try them out.

I used our popular Messy Bun hairstyle as the base concept, and then wove in the strands of the Glowby throughout. {Luminence offers these in a variety of colors, so you can mix and match them for any holiday, or simply use white ones for weddings or formal dances.}

While we were at a fireworks display, our girls were constantly stopped and asked where we found the glow strands. We noticed plenty of people pointing to our girls, and some even wanted to take photos of the styles on their phones.

Trust us, your girls will be noticed with this style!!!

Items Needed:  Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 1-2 large hair elastics, 1 Glowby.

Time Requirement: 5-10 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

Now, it may look like a bear to take the Glowby out of the Messy Bun, but it really is a 2 second process. Since the strands of the Glowby are smooth plastic fiberoptics, they literally slide right out with a gentle tug on the barrette! No pain!

Hope you enjoy this style, which can be used by girls of all ages on any holiday, or by older girls and women at concerts, dance clubs, etc! Enjoy!

Happy Hairdoing,

* Note from Mindy: Don’t forget to follow us on BlogLovin, a new easy-to-use blog reader!

* Note from Mindy: Don’t forget to follow us on BlogLovin, a new easy-to-use blog reader!

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Your St. Patrick's Day Hairstyles

March 28, 2011

As promised, here are all of your St. Patrick’s Day Hairstyles that you submitted either by email or by posting on our Facebook page. It is always so fun to see all of your style and creativity in adapting the hairstyles! Thanks for sending them in!

Although the hairstyle photos are in no particular order, the names of the submitters are as follows: Alicia H, Amanda N, Amber S, Andie J, Ashley V, Becky A, Cammy G, Candace J, Cassie, Catherine B, Cathy M, Christine N, Daizy C, Donna, Donna A, Emily G, Emily W, Erica E, Faith P, Heather P, Jackie C, Jamie, Jamie H, Jamie M, Janelle E, Jane P, Jen B, Jennifer M, Jennifer W, Julie M, Kellie Ann A, Lisa H, Marisa B, Megan J, Meganne C, Michelle N, Mikki S, Misty H, Myndi T, Shelley B, Tami L, Tiffany, Tiffiny L, Tracy H, Wendi B, and Wendy K.

"http://www.cutegirlshairstyles.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/JackieC-150x150.jpg" alt="" width="150" height="150" />

There were other photos that for some reason the photo upload software could not pick up. I tried several different techniques, but none of them worked. If you notice your photo not included above, please post it to Facebook again and I will include it.

If your photo is included here, please feel free to email the link to your family and friends… just so they can all admire how beautiful your daughter is (and your creativity as well)!

Happy Hairdoing!

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St. Patrick's Day Hairstyles

March 16, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Feeling a little bit “Irish“? Want your daughter to be the talk of her friends on St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow? I guarantee that they will love the compliments if you were to do one of the following St. Patrick’s Day Hairstyles on her. Simply click the link below to see instructions for each one of these do’s…

St. Patrick’s Day Hairstyles

St. Patrick's Day Hairstyles

St. Patrick's Day Hairstyles

St. Patrick's Day Hairstyles

St. Patrick's Day Clover Hairstyle

St. Patrick's Day Clover Hairstyle

St. Patrick's Day Hairstyle

If you end up using any of the styles, be sure to email it to me or post it on our Facebook Fanpage. I will be posting all of your hairstyles here on Monday!

If you really love one of the styles, be sure to blog about it!!! (*wink, *wink)

Happy Hairdoing!

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Highlighted on Tip Junkie

March 05, 2011

Laurie from Tip Junkie just featured our easy 3-Leaf Clover Hairstyle on her St. Patrick’s Day tips page! Please stop by and give her some love! Perhaps she will even then feature our Egg Tails hairstyle on her Easter Tips Page!

Tip Junkie

There were so many heart hairstyles out there this past Valentine’s Day, that I am sure we can get even MORE shamrock hairstyles for St. Patrick’s Day! What do you say? Who is going to accept the challenge???

Happy Hairdoing!

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