Family Healthy Eating Habits | Mom Minute

November 30, 2013

One of the biggest challenges for any busy mom, is to ensure that her family eats healthy when there just is not a lot of time to plan and prepare healthy meals.

Family Healthy Eating Tips | Mom Minute

I totally get it… roles are shifting and many women work full or part-time jobs as well. With all the kids’ activity carpools on top of that, and often parents dividing to conquer them, it is often much easier and less time consuming to hit the drive-thru of your favorite fast food restaurant on the road.

What can we do to help ensure that we are eating as healthy as we can? Over the years, I have often mulled over the issue of “not enough time”, and together {with my hubby} we came up with a few tips to help ensure that our family was eating more healthy than not.

On today’s episode of The Mom’s View’s Mom Minute we share with you how we eat in the CGH home {although we are not perfect}, including what is in our children’s lunches, with some healthy meal tips that you may find helpful as well…

Happy Parenting!

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Prim’s Bow Braid Tieback | Catching Fire | The Hunger Games

November 24, 2013

Want to win an authentic Katniss {Jennifer Lawrence}, Peeta {Josh Hutcherson}, Finnick {Sam Claflin}, and Haymitch {Woody Harrelson} autographed “Catching Fire” book? Yes, we are giving one away next! See bottom of post for details!

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Is that our Bow Braid Headband that you see on Primrose Everdeen {Prim} in the champion tribute reaping scene of The Hunger Games “Catching Fire”? Why, yes, it is!

Prim Bow Braid Tieback | Catching Fire | The Hunger Games A little over a year ago, Linda Flowers, the Head Hairstylist for Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games movie franchise, called me to ask if we would mind if she used a version of our Bow Braid on a character in the move. Of course, we were thrilled!

Linda then invited us to be on set for the day they were filming the Tribute Chariot Scene. Yes, we did get to meet the stars and enjoyed consulting on hairstyles! {We will write a post about our set visit later this week.}

Today we want to show you the first official hairstyle tutorial for Prim’s Bow Braid Tieback. My third daughter is my model, and don’t you think she looks so much like Prim??? It is almost uncanny!

Prim Bow Braid Tieback | Catching Fire | The Hunger Games

Prim Bow Braid Tieback | Catching Fire | The Hunger Games

Prim Bow Braid | Catching Fire | The Hunger Games Prim Bow Braid | Catching Fire | The Hunger Games Prim Bow Braid | Catching Fire | The Hunger Games Prim Bow Braid | Catching Fire | The Hunger Games Prim Bow Braid | Catching Fire | The Hunger Games

{We have shown you how to create a bow braid before. We have also shown you several Hunger Games hairstyle tutorials.}


Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, spray wax, 1-2 small hair elastics, on large hairpin, hairspray {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 10 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin by parting the hair off to the left side of the head, then separate down to each ear…
  2. Secure the rest {or the back} of hair with an elastic to stay out of the way…
  3. Now, create a very small section {about ¼ inch wide} that runs parallel to the original part line {keep this sectioned off by itself also, as it is the hair that you will use to create the bows later}…
  4. On the right side, begin to create a regular French braid starting near the part line and running on a slight diagonal to the ear…
  5. When you reach near the ear, stop picking up pieces of hair and end with a simple braid, and secure with an elastic…
  6. On the left side, create another French braid that mirrors the right, and secure with an elastic…
  7. Now, to create a bow braid on the right side of head, begin by pushing a hair pin through the first stitch of the braid…
  8. Take a small section of the hair from the 1/4 inch section you stored away previously and spray with hair wax…
  9. Create a loop with the hair and push it through hairpin…
  10. Now, while still holding your finger in the original loop, gently pull the hairpin back through stitch of hair, allowing a new loop to be threaded, thus creating a bow…
  11. Continue Steps #8-10 for another 4-5 bows, and let each bow end to fall to the side, which will be hid by the next bow…
  12. After finishing your bows, now take the two simple braid ends and combine them in the back of hair, in a tieback.
  13. Take out the remaining elastics from the ends of the braids, and finger comb out the rest of the braids.
  14. Add hairspray {if desired}.

Want to win an authentic Katniss, Peeta, Finnick, and Haymitch autographed Hunger Games “Catching Fire” book? We are giving one away this week… see below for details!

Autographed Catching Fire Book | The Hunger Games

Giveaway Rules:

  1. You must be a subscriber to the CuteGirlsHairstyles and BrooklynAndBailey YouTube channels…
  2. Then, simply leave a comment in the YouTube comment section telling us which Hunger Games character you most identify with.

Bonus Entries: Want to earn more entries into the giveaway, to increase your chances of winning the book? Feel free to do the following:

  1. Let 5 friends know about us by sharing this link:
  2. You can contact them in any way {text, email, Facebook, etc.} and let them know what you think about us!
  3. Then leave a comment again in the YouTube comment section stating “5 friends”.

You can do this up to 5 times, for a total of 5 bonus entries! {Cheaters will be disqualified.}

The contest is open from now until midnight {CST}, Saturday Nov 30th {date in the video is incorrect}, with the winner being posted on-screen in our next video. One winner will be drawn at random from the comments below, and cheaters leaving more entries than the allowed 6 will be deleted from the queue. The giveaway is open internationally, and you must be age 18 or older {or have your parents permission to enter}.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *


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Encouraging Twins’ Personal Identities | Mom Minute

November 23, 2013

I get asked a lot of questions about how it is raising twins, especially identical twin girls.

Twin Identities

Many of you may not know that my husband is actually a twin, growing up with a fraternal twin sister. When we found out we were going to have Brooklyn and Bailey, my husband set out a bunch of rules of how to raise them based upon how he felt being a twin as a child.

He loves his twin sister a lot, and often confuses my name with hers in conversations about his childhood, but he said it was hard being lumped into everything together, being called “the twins” and having to share birthdays, etc.

Now that my girls are nearly 14, on this episode of The Mom’s View’s Mom Minute we decided to share with you how we encouraged the girls to have their own set of friends and personalities…

Happy Parenting!

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How to Deal with Bullying | Mom Minute

November 16, 2013

I have been hearing a lot of talk lately about bullying, either in the news or from my own children.

This is a very sensitive subject to talk about, because it is so damaging and there is absolutely nothing positive about it.

How to Deal with Bullying | Mom Minute

As such, bullying is definitely a subject that needs to be discussed between parents and children!


Now, for those of you who are being bullied, or know someone who is.  A few fundamental things to remember, is that when you come face-to-face with a bully, simply walk away. If we negatively to the situation, then we have given the bully exactly what they wanted. A reaction. Simply walk away. If things progress to include physical touching or threats to your safety, then tell an adult immediately.

As a friend, we all have a responsibility to protect those around us that we love. It does not matter how big or small, or how old we are.   We should protect anyone we see who is suffering from a bully. More often than not, you will find, it is actually the bully who needs the love. I have seen this happen time and time again.

Keep your head held high, knowing that you mean the world to your family and friends, and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise! They love you, and we think you are pretty cool, too!

On this episode of Mom Minute, I will be giving you more advice on how to deal with bullies how to help build up a child’s self-esteem..

Happy Parenting!

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Its Mom’s Turn | Kids Style Moms Hair

November 14, 2013

For years, we have received 1000′s of requests to film a video where the CHG children style my hair.

It is not that we have not wanted to film one, it is just that we haven’t had time to do so. Today you will finally get to see one!

Kids Style Mom's Hair

Many of you know that our family has always had an affinity for Disney, and that we often visit the parks, and have a tradition of going as a family to each newly-released Disney movie the weekend it opens. We have also often provide character hairstyle tutorials to DisneysStyle on YouTube, and recently started contributing to Disney’s parenting website,

One of the perks of our content being associated with Disney, is that they will often consider our website and YouTube channel for media events. For example, we were asked to participate as a Social Media All-Star in Disney Parks’ worldwide #DisneySide campaign launch last week {click this link to see my personal photo slideshow from the event, including adorable photos of CGH#3 and CGH#4}.

In preparation for the event, we wanted to film a video showing my Disney Side. The kids planned the styles shown in the video on their own, each of them styling my hair in a way that represents their own personalities.

Before the final shot, they had a “CGH Kid” meeting to discuss how my hair should be styled to represent my Disney Side. They came to me with their suggestion, and I helped them figure out how to create the style. The video below shows the end result.

{I dare you not to smile while watching it!}

Please feel free to leave me a comment below letting us know if you would like to see more videos of the kids styling my hair!  As always, if you loved this cute video, please feel free to share!

Happy Hairdoing!

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