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Every year about this time I get major hair envy because it seems like everyone I know is going to Coachella or Stagecoach, and I’m over here seeing all these cute outfits and hairstyles posted via social media.  Since I won’t be going this year (again) I at least thought I could participate by giving you guys some ideas on how to incorporate flowers into your hairstyles! Perfect for springtime too!

Flowers for Hair | Fishtail

Fishtail braids are a year-round must, but incorporating little groupings of wax flower (shown in the photos) or baby’s breath really takes this french fishtail braid into festival territory.

Don’t forget to leave wispy pieces out around your face to get that extra bohemian look! If you have highlights, blonde, or ombre hair color, the fishtail braid (or any braid, really!) will showcase all of your pretty dimensional color.

Fishtail |Braid | Flowers for Hair

Believe it or not, the half up style below was created with twists, not a fishtail! Can you spot the faux fishtail? (Hint: it’s in the middle). What’s great about using twists to pull back your hair is that you’ll get a slightly different look each time. So, if I were to take down my model’s hair and recreate this style, chances are it won’t look the same! It all depends on how you pin back the sections your twisting, and how tight or loose you make each section. Play! Have fun experimenting.

Half Up Hair | Twists | Flowers for Hair

By adding in various sized flowers with bobby pins you will achieve a very sweet, relaxed look, almost like a mini bouquet for your hair. If you’re wanting to take this look from relaxed festival hair to a more formal springtime wedding hairstyle, I would recommend doing a structured curl rather than the extreme loose waves I did on my model. Whichever you choose, they are both really pretty options!

Half Up Hair | Twists | Flowers for Hair

If you are among the lucky crowd who will be attending one of the big weekend-long festivals this year, I bet you’ll be doing lots of dancing and soaking in the sun. If you’re the type to throw your hair up into a messy bun when you get hot and sweaty, just make sure you save your flowers and pin them in like a little flower crown for your bun! Just do me a favor… have a blast enjoying your favorite music and be safe!

Messy Bun | Flower Crown | Bun

For more great hair ideas check out Hair and Makeup Girl.

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  1. Commenting on this post has become my favorite thing to do!
    Can’t stop admiring this idea of a hairstyle

  2. This hairstyle is like if u want your hair down but not the way so you put it in this hairstyle and have a loose hairstyle!! Love it!!

  3. My favorite all time cute hairstyle is the Pancake bun of braids and the zipper up do … I work in a bakery and as much as I love having my hair down. I can’t wear it down at work ????. So basically any hairdo you have in a bun. Cause it’s easy to do and it looks pretty. My other favorite for down is the waterfall braid. And fishtail ????

  4. Love the hairstyle for the Coachella themed parties, gonna use those hairstyles for the upcoming sweet 16th birthday of my bff.????????

  5. I have really long hair and finding your guy’s blog/YouTube channel has saved my life! Now I can do so much more than just the simple 5 things I normally do. Thank you!

  6. Love this so much. Its really beautiful and there are a variety of hairstyles to try this with. Would definitely need to try this.

  7. Beautiful! Love these styles. So cheap too if you have flowers in your garden. No need for expensive hair accessories!

  8. Omg! I love this. So cute. And the flowers make it look so much cuter. Would love to try this. Looks easy to do.

  9. These are all really pretty but, I feel like I would end up getting my hair tangled in the flowers.

  10. Why is this titled “Child Hair” because I’m 18 and I would totally wear all of these lol. So cute…the first is my favorite!

  11. I love the flowers and how the hair looks with it. This is a very beautiful and unique hair style. I LOVE IT

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