Mailbag Q & A: Hair Parts

Top view of young girl modeling one way to part hair
A few days ago I had an interesting question come into my comments. Here it is…

Q: “OK, I just have to ask: Do you always begin by ‘part on the left’ because that’s her natural part, or does that actually matter? If people part my hair on the left it drives me straight up a wall because my natural part is on the right…”

A: I thought this was so funny because I had never really thought about my statement being confusing! But just to clarify! The side DOES NOT matter. I just naturally part their hair on the left. Mostly I just add that step in to be thorough. So part the hairdo’s on either side! Sorry if it was confusing!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. Hi, I just love the braids and other hairstyles which you have shown.Your videos are of great help as I didn’t know too much of braidstyles and it helped a lot for my daughter’s programmes.Once again thanks a lot and excepting more videos from you.

  2. I just love all of your braiding videos and I saw the one when you showed how to dry the fringe bangs and I totally loved it because I’m planing on going to the beauty parlor and do on myself, you know to try a new look :).
    Thanks a lot.

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